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Play the Odds

Play the Odds

Tournament Location

All bridge events are held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel (driving directions). For a specific event’s location, please check the Daily Bulletin prior to the event.



Are you new to playing bridge? Do you usually play socially but want to try duplicate? Come to the area of the NABC that’s just for newer players! You’ll find:

  • Free two-hour lessons
  • Stratified games for your level
  • Low-key play
  • A place to make new friends

Intermediate/Newcomer Schedule

The I/N schedule lists only the game sessions for players under 300 masterpoints. There are many opportunities to compete against players at every level, from 0-5 Pairs all the way to 299er games. Plus daily celebrity speakersfree two-hour lessons and half-day seminars.

The I/N schedule will be available soon. In the meantime, check the full schedule below (I/N game sessions are listed in red).

Full Tournament Schedule

Are you a more-advanced player? You’ll have loads of games to choose from each day! You’ll find:

  • Pair and Team events
  • Regional, NABC and NABC+ events
  • Red, gold and even platinum points

Some events are single -ession, and others span multiple days. See the schedule below to learn what games will be played and when.

View/Print the Full Schedule in PDF format

Conditions of Contest

Like all Olympic sports, bridge has a precise set of rules for competition. The Conditions of Contest detail these protocols and regulations for every event played at the NABC. Whether you need to know the rules for General Knockout Teams or you are looking for specific information about Blue Ribbon Pairs, the Conditions of Contest will guide you.

Find a Partner

The online partnership desk is always available after the previous NABC ends. There will be an on-site partnership desk available during the tournament, which usually opens about an hour prior to each session.

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