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San Francisco NABC – Plan

Plan by the Bridge

Reservations now open

For assistance with hotel reservations, contact OnPeak at 855-992-3353 or acbl@onpeak.com

Patron Members receive special benefits at NABCs, including guaranteed reservations at host hotels, express service for purchasing entries and more. If you are interested in upgrading to a Patron Membership, contact the Membership Department at 662-253-3173 or email membership@acbl.org.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A one-night room deposit will be charged to your credit card when booking your stay. This charge will be refundable for reservations canceled before or on September 15, 2019 (additional cancellation charges from the hotel may apply).

NOTE: Childcare services will not be offered in San Francisco.

Host Hotels

Marriott Marquis

780 Mission St.
San Francisco CA 94103
$165 + tax

Westin St. Francis

335 Powell St.
San Francisco CA 94102
$161 + tax

Public Transportation


There are three airports in the San Francisco Bay area. By far the most convenient to the host hotel is SFO. It is about 13 miles from downtown San Francisco and the hotel. But if you have other plans, you can fly into Oakland (OAK) or San Jose (SJC).

To get from SFO to the hotel, you can hail a taxicab (about $45), use Uber or Lyft, take a shared shuttle bus ($20), or use BART ($9). Cabs and rideshares take about 30 minutes depending on traffic. BART runs every 15 minutes and takes 30 minutes. A shared shuttle bus may be longer depending on who they drop off first and where.

BART can be found at SFO in the International Terminal. Buy your ticket there and hang onto it; you will need the ticket to exit when you arrive.

Get off at the Powell St. station. Walk toward the front of the platform and up the escalator. Then bear to your right and up again. Once you reach the street level, turn around and you will be at 4th St. Go to your left one block and the Marriott Marquis is right there. If you cannot negotiate the Powell St. escalator, there are elevators that go up to the street.
If you opt to fly into Oakland, there is a BART shuttle train that goes from the airport to the BART Coliseum station. From there you can take a BART train to San Francisco and exit at the Powell Station.

Proceed toward the rear of the platform, then up an escalator. Bear right and up one more level to the street. Turn around, walk a few steps to 4th St. and go left one block to the Marriott.


If you are commuting from the East Bay area, you can take BART to Powell St. station. Head toward the rear of the platform, up and bear right until you reach street level. Turn around and go left on 4th St. one block. You will be at the Marriott Marquis.

If you are commuting from the peninsula, you can take Caltrain. Keep in mind the last train leaves San Francisco at 12:05 am weekdays, 10:40 pm on Saturday, 10:08 pm on Sunday, and takes about 1½ hours to get to San Jose. The Caltrain terminal is at King and 4th St. It is ¾ mile to the Marriott on 4th St. You can walk to 3rd St and take a bus to 3rd and Mission St., then walk to 4th St. and the Marriott. Or you can go to the take Caltrain to the Millbrae station and switch to BART there.


San Francisco is certainly not an easy city to negotiate by car. If you are driving to the host hotel, parking can be a problem. The Marriott has valet parking only, for $79.99 a day* (no oversized vehicles. Garage clearance is 6 ft).

There is a municipal parking garage on Mission between 4th and 5th Streets It is the closest self-parking large garage in the area. Rates are $3/hr, with a maximum of $34 for 24 hrs. There are other garages within walking distance that may be available, and some are reservable.

You can put in the hours you wish to arrive and leave, then find a parking location availability and price. If you are staying until the evening session is over, be sure to select “open 24/7” under Select Amenities.

* Prices subject to change.

BART long term parking: Normally you can park at BART stations for free on weekends and holidays, even overnight. On weekdays there is a small fee at most BART stations, but there is no overnight parking allowed. However, you can purchase a long-term parking permit at $7 per day for the days you wish to leave your car there. You must purchase the permit in advance. See the website.

Then you can take BART into San Franscico and exit at Powell St station, which is a very short walk to the Marriott. For example, if you are driving from Sacramento, you can drive to the BART Concord station just off I-680, leave you car there with you long-term permit, then ride BART into San Francisco. Coming from south of the city, you can leave your car at the Millbrae station.

Valley Transit Authority (VTA): in and around San Jose.
At various stations there are free park-and-ride lots. Many of these have a section labelled “Airport Parking”, which allows 7 days of free parking, no passes or permits required. The other parking areas are for no more than 72 hrs free parking. The Tamien light-rail station has airport parking. It is also a station for Caltrain, which goes between San Jose and San Francisco. You can leave your car at the Tamien station, take Caltrain directly to San Francisco, or take it to Millbrae, then cross over the station platform to BART and take that to San Francisco. See the section for “Trains” above for details. This option will take considerably more time to get to San Francisco than the BART option, but it is free and doesn’t require advanced reservation.

Tournament Fees

All players must have an ACBL member number to participate in any event (ACBL member numbers are valid for life, even if your membership is inactive). If you have never been an ACBL member, you can purchase a full-year membership or a temporary membership (one month of benefits for only $7.99). Not a member? Join now!

Entry Fees (per person/per session)

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Events ACBL Members* Inactive members**
NABC+ (Platinum points)
$1.50 per entry benefits the International Fund
$30 Not Eligible
NABC (Gold and Red points) $22 Not Eligible
Regional / Gold Rush (Gold and Red points) $20 $24
Intermediate/Newcomer (0-299er, Red points) $15 $19

* Members who are up-to-date with their membership dues or service fee** Inactive members may renew during the event, or pay a $4 upcharge per session

Team Entry Fees: For team events of three or more sessions, the entry fee is the base price of the event, times the number of people on the team. For example, an event with a base price of $20 is $80 for a team of four, $100 for a team of five, or $120 for a team of six. In all team events, except one- or two-session Swiss events, entry fees are charged on a per person basis.

Screen Fees: $10 per session per pair and $20 per session per team is added to events when screens are in use.

Youth Regional-rated Event Free Entry All Youth members are eligible for free entries that may be used at any Regional-rated event***.

NBO Junior Player Free Entry Juniors named to teams to represent Zone 2 NBOs in world competitions (“Junior NBO Player”) will receive free plays for NABCs occurring between the time they are named to the team and the world championship. These free entries can only be used while playing in a team or pair made up of Zone 2’s NBO Junior Players.

These are the amounts that each eligible Junior category will pay during NABCs (screen fees are not included in the Junior/Youth coupons and must be paid separately):

Events Youth Full-time Student,
age 21-25
NBO Junior
NABC+ $10 $10 Free
NABC $7 $7 Free
Regional / Gold Rush Free $5 Free
Intermediate/Newcomer Free Free Free

*** All Intermediate/Novice and Gold Rush events at NABCs are Regional-rated events

Seminars and Meetings

Beyond the games at the NABCs, members can enjoy educational programs. Below is a listing of the seminars being offered in San Francisco. Please check the NABC Daily Bulletin for the exact location of each session.

Best Practices Teacher Workshop

This workshop covers proven techniques that help teachers be more effective in their classroom. The focus is on how, rather than what, to teach. It is built around simulations to engage participants in analyzing and practicing as well as giving and receiving feedback on working with students while delivering bridge lessons.

Best Practices Teacher Certification: To earn it, workshop participants are required to pass a proficiency assessment. Assessments are conducted at the conclusion of the workshop and are scheduled in 20 minute time slots.



Pre-register online and guarantee your seat. All registrants must pass a Basic Bridge Knowledge Test to participate in the workshop (pass score: 70%).

Workshop fee: $125
Dates: Participants must attend all three days
Friday, Nov. 29 (1 to 5 pm)
Saturday, Nov. 30 (8 am to noon)
Sunday, Dec. 1 (8 am to noon)

Thanks to a program from the Educational Foundation, TAP-accredited teachers can get a special deal on workshop fees. The foundation will pay a partial rebate for costs over $50. Just apply for the rebate after you attend the workshop. The amount charged over the first $50 will be reimbursed (maximum $75 repayment).

Proficiency Assessment

Pre-register to participate in the workshop and the ACBL Education department will contact you to schedule your assessment. Assessments take only 20 minutes.

Assessment fee: $25
Sunday, Dec. 1 (between 2 and 6 pm)
Monday, Dec. 2(between 8 am and 2 pm)

For more information contact the ACBL education department at education@acbl.org or 662-253-3115

Learn Bridge in A Day?®

Move quickly along the initial learning curve. Participants should include true beginners, those returning to bridge after long absences and those wanting to “test the waters” before committing to formal classes. The concentrated course includes both class instruction and coached play.


Pre-register online and guarantee your seat. Textbooks and door prizes are included in the fee.

Fee: $20 online, $25 at the door
Date: Saturday, Nov. 30
Time: 1pm to 6pm

Questions about this course? Contact Patty Tucker at patty@whirlwindbridge.com or (404) 735-4779
Need help with registration? Contact marketing@acbl.org or 662-253-3112

Doubles in A Day

Learn two useful doubles that happen every time you play!


Pre-register online and guarantee your seat. Textbooks are included in the fee.

Fee: $20 online, $25 at the door
Date: Sunday, Dec. 1
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm

Questions about this course? Contact Patty Tucker at patty@whirlwindbridge.com or (404) 735-4779
Need help with registration? Contact marketing@acbl.org or 662-253-3112

Learn Bridge in A Day? Instructor Accreditation

This program instructs teachers in methods of administering and presenting LBIAD. Teachers wishing to be accredited must complete the following two requirements:

  • Serve as a Table Mentor at an LBIAD seminar led by Patty Tucker, and
  • Attend a two-hour LBIAD Teacher Training event presented by Whirlwind Bridge.

Teacher Training will include information on organizing and marketing LBIAD as well as maximizing retention rates, writing effective grant requests and the presentation of the seminar.


Fee: $75. Any teacher who purchases an LBIAD License within 30 days of Accreditation will receive a $50 discount.
Date: Saturday, Nov. 30
LBIAD Seminar: 1 to 6 pm
LBIAD Instructor Accreditation: 6:30 to 8:30 pm
(a light meal is provided between sessions)

Registrations and more information: contact Patty Tucker at patty@whirlwindbridge.com or call 404-735-4779

Club and Cruise Directors Course

This comprehensive course prepares candidates for directing club and bridge cruise games. Anyone interested in becoming a club director or a director aboard a cruise ship is invited to participate.



Fee: $50
Dates and Times:
Monday, Nov. 25 from 1 to 10 pm (includes a dinner break)
Tuesday, Nov. 26 from 9 am to 10 pm (includes lunch and dinner breaks)
Wednesday, Nov. 27 from 9 am to noon, followed by lunch break and testing

Questions? Contact Debbie Vicknair at directorcourses@acbl.org or 662-253-3164

Club Director Refresher Course

This continuing education course for club directors covers updates to Chapters 4 and 5 of the ACBL handbook. Participants must attend both sessions.


Fee: $15. Sign up at door
Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 3 & 4
Time: 9 am to noon, both days

Questions? Contact Debbie Vicknair at directorcourses@acbl.org or 662-253-3164

Reception for Club Officials & Teachers

Enjoy ACBL’s thank you reception for the club officials and teachers who recruit and retain our members. All club managers, teachers and club directors are invited to attend.

Friday, Nov. 29 – 4:30 pm to 6 pm

Meeting of the Board of Governors

Board of Governors discussion will include recent actions of the Board of Directors and reports from the Executive Director, In-house Counsel and treasurer, as well as new proposals from the Board of Governors. All ACBL members are invited to attend.

Sunday, Dec. 1 – 10 am to noon

School Bridge Roundtable

Share common challenges, tips and success stories in a roundtable for k-12 teachers. This open discussion is for veteran and new teachers learning from each other and developing a network.

Monday, Dec. 2, 10 a.m.-noon (Free)

Audrey Grant’s Continuing Education for Teachers and Club Managers

When it comes to bridge, Audrey Grant is a household name. For decades, she has taught students, teachers and club owners across the world. Her hands-on approach and creative use of the table, cards and bid boxes has helped keep students engaged, excited and focused.

Audrey will walk through and explain teaching techniques in this hour-and-a-half seminar. Following the seminar, you can attend her free two-hour bridge lesson.


Fee: $20. Includes textbook, seminar and breakfast
Date: Sunday, Dec. 1
Time: 8:30 to 10 am, followed by a free two-hour lesson

Registration and more information: visit www.betterbridgeteachers.com

Be a Caddy

For information on being a caddy, contact Alan Crank at acbl.caddies@gmail.com
Please note all NABC caddies must be at least 18 years old.

Tournament Committee

Position Name & Email
Chair Jim Leuker
Treasurer Jean Barry
Intermediate/Newcomer Cheryl Haines
Janelle Van Rensselaer
Partnership Andy Straus
Kevin Liberg
Prizes Bob and Joan Rouse
Restaurant Guide Loren Nordlund
Information Marion Robertson
Volunteer Chair Singrid Price
Member-At-Large Jackie Zayac
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