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NABC Robot Individual

NABC Robot Individual


Beat the robots and walk away with an NABC title

Can’t make it to the NABC? You can join in the fun — and win big — from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to get out of your PJs when you play in the NABC Robot Individual, a three-day stratified (Unlimited/2000/500) online event hosted by BBO.

Now with Section Awards. A 50% increase in total masterpoints awarded!

Get in shape and win entries and masterpoints

BBO hosts several practice tournaments before each NABC Robot Individual. Practice tourneys are free, restricted to ACBL members and award prizes! BBO also offers up to four ACBL Daylong games every day. With only 12 boards, daylongs are a great routine to prepare for the NABC Robot Individual.

Faceoff over the weekend and have more time

Plan your play for a time that works best for you. Now the NABC Robot Individual is held over the weekend (Saturday-Monday) making it more convenient than ever. Also, you’ll have up to 18 hours a day to complete the boards — more time to play!

Interesting results from previous tournaments:

  • SPRING 2018: The overall winner was a Strat B player with 1300 masterpoints. You don’t have to be a pro!
  • SUMMER 2018: A Non-Life Master won the second day with 72.60%. He took 24 points home (eight golds!)

Schedule & Registration

November 23-25 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

Subscribe (email or BBO notifications) and we’ll let you know when registrations open.

Practice Tournaments

Practice tournaments are usually held on the weekends immediately before the main event. These tourneys are free and exclusive to active ACBL members. Subscribe (email or BBO notifications) and we’ll send you a reminder!

Can’t wait for the practice tourneys? No problem: BBO offers up to four ACBL Daylong games every day. With only 12 boards, daylongs are a great are a great routine to prepare for the NABC Robot Individual.

Playing with Bots

I really liked this challenge and would play it again, time permitting. Each board is available for replay, and you can compare your actions to the bids and plays of other players, providing a great tool for analysis and improvement.

Dimitri Bourilkov

  • BBO features GIB robots, which play a custom 2/1 system.
  • Check the robot system notes. The robots sometimes deviate from notes if simulations lead them to alternate conclusions.
  • The robot’s understanding of what a bid means can be seen by hovering over the highlighted bid. If the bid is not highlighted, it means the robots have no special understanding or conventional definition.
  • Technical issues? Please contact support@bridgebase.com

Get acquainted with the GIB bots! Visit the “Robot World” in BBO and play in one of the different tournaments, like the new ACBL Daylong. If you are looking for some informal practice, just rent three robots to play some hands.


Conditions of Contest

Conditions of Contest
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