November 27, 2018

NABC Robot Individual

NABC Robot Individual


Beat the bots and walk away with an NABC title

There’s no need to get out of your PJs when you play in the NABC Robot Individual, a three-day stratified online event hosted by BBO.

Three Strata (Unlimited/2000/500) and Section Awards. Over 3,000 Masterpoints awarded!

Schedule & Registration

July 11-13 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

The regular entry fee is $50. A $10 discount is available for early registrations until July 6. If you played the previous NABC Robot Individual, you have an additional $6 voucher. The coupon is valid only for the same BBO username and ACBL number.

Not a BBO member? Join now, it is fast and free. You may also subscribe (email or BBO pop-up notifications) to receive updates about future events.

Only current ACBL members can participate in the main event, so make sure BBO has your ACBL member number and your membership is active (join or renew no later than 4pm Eastern Time on the day before the tournament starts (Friday) so we have time to process your ACBL membership).

Practice Tournaments

Get in shape and win entries

BBO hosts several practice tournaments before each NABC Robot Individual. Practice tourneys are free, restricted to ACBL members and award prizes! BBO also offers up to four ACBL Daylong games every day. With only 12 boards, daylongs are a great routine to prepare for the NABC Robot Individual.

The Practice tournaments are exclusive to ACBL members, so make sure BBO has your ACBL member number and your membership is active.

Free practice tournament #1, Day 1 of 2
Free practice tournament #1, Day 2 of 2
Saturday, June 27, 2020
Sunday, June 28, 2020
Free practice tournament #2, Day 1 of 2
Free practice tournament #2, Day 2 of 2
Saturday, July 4, 2020
Sunday, July 5, 2020

You’ll find the NABC Practice Tournaments in the ACBL World section of BBO. Plan for Saturday! These are two-day events, so you must play both days.

Playing with Bots

I really liked this challenge and would play it again, time permitting. Each board is available for replay, and you can compare your actions to the bids and plays of other players, providing a great tool for analysis and improvement.

Dimitri Bourilkov

  • BBO features GIB bots, which play a custom 2/1 system.
  • Check the GIB system notes. The bots sometimes deviate from notes if simulations lead them to alternate conclusions.
  • The bot’s understanding of what a bid means can be seen by hovering over the highlighted bid. If the bid is not highlighted, it means the robots have no special understanding or conventional definition.
  • Technical issues? Please contact

Get acquainted with the bots! Check the video below, where Pete Hollands shares useful tips on how to play with BBO bots. Also, Visit the “Robot World” in BBO and play in one of the different tournaments, like the new ACBL Daylong. If you are looking for some informal practice, just rent three bots to play some hands.

Conditions of Contest

Conditions of Contest



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