Bienvenue à Montréal


Montréal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris, but you’ll find many bilingual speakers and signs. Perhaps you’ll learn some new phrases while you’re here!


Old World inspiration alongside modern enhancements leaves you with a city full of enchanting architecture. Be sure to soak it all in with a tour or leisurely stroll.


The city’s culinary scene is booming, with top-ranked chefs, a rich farm-to-table movement and artisan beers, wines and desserts. Be sure to go by the German Village for authentic restaurants, breweries and cafes.


North American Bridge Championships

July 16-26, 2020

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Discover the sunny skies and sparkling waterfront of Tampa. This coastal city boasts more than a century of Cuban culture, a diverse arts scene, lots of water activities and a variety of breweries. And don’t forget the nearby beaches.
St Louis
The Gateway City awaits you! A true hidden gem, St. Louis is home to a trove of attractions, from its famous arch and the enormous Forest Park to many free museums and classic St. Louis-style pizza.
The feel of a small town meets with the sophistication of a big city in Providence. It’s thriving arts community, vibrant neighborhoods and renowned restaurant scene make it ideal to visit.
Nov. 25-Dec 5, 2021
“Keep Austin Weird!” This city’s unusual slogan matches its unique culture full of sites and events off the beaten path. Sample eclectic restaurants, vintage shopping, excellent live music, notable local art and much more.

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